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In times of technological progress, when it seems that everything has already been invented, We take ordinary and turn it into extraordinary at New Vision. If you can't reinvent the wheel, just make it better!
— Ievgen Disiak, President of New Vision, LLC


About Us

The world of modern technology is ever advancing at an extremely rapid rate. We see businesses are also adapting to mobile platforms to run vital projects. To stay at the forefront, we have structured our company to continually research the latest techniques. The company “New Vision, LLC” was founded in the beginning of 2013, our short period of existence has not slowed us down, the core of our team is working together for the past eight years, as seen in our portfolio. We started as small team and growing with the years. Our customers have been and still are Ukrainian companies, such as “Viasat”, satellite TV provider in Ukraine, “Overia, LLC”, leader in the field of Intelligent solutions, as well as the U.S. “OneTime, LLC”, the company engaged in cutting-edge areas and unique solutions in the field of mobile calendars and organizers, and European “Guerlain”, famous perfume company and “CrossExpert, LLC”, based in London. Our recent mobile projects include work with navigation, social resources, work with photo/video, presentation application development, work with calendars and organizers.

What are our advantages over other companies?

Of course, the main advantage of is that we combine a team of experts in their field. For us, what we do is not a job, it is more a lifestyle. We do not consider ourselves performers who are doing what they are told, while turning a blind eye to possible problems with the functionality or the usability of the final product. “New Vision” - a creative company, is why our products are the most useful, easy to use, fun for the end user.

Just to the benefits should include the fact that we, though not a big team, offer a full range of industry services. Spend less time and money on the with clear communication between the client and manager, with team leaders and developers. We respect your time constraints. We quickly move from words to work, “task – performance” - is the basic principle to which we try to adhere. Our team combine iOS and Android developers as well as designers and server side developers.

We are working with clients in direct contact. With the years of experience, we are able quickly and correctly solve problems with the best possible solution.

“New Vision, LLC” - is an official company, providing a warranty and technical support for our products.

And most importantly, We know how much time and effort should be made to bring the idea of the project, how much it is important to keep a finger on the pulse of the entire process, if you desire a perfect result. We can confidently say that by contacting us, we will give you our red carpet treatment.

Ievgen Disiak

Founder, President

Anatoliy Tribunsky

CTO, Backend Developer

Andrew Malyarchuk

iOS Developer, PM

Vlad Chernetsky

Android Developer, PM

Volodymyr Matukh

Junior iOS Developer

Oleg Reksha

Android Developer

Vadim Draichuk

Android Developer

Sergey Shanduck

Android Developer

Sergey Shapirenko

Creative Designer


New Vision provides many features to create the best mobile application for your business. The application can include events, alerts, social links, news, navigation and more. Keeping our partners and customers up to date with latest novelties inside Application World is our New Vision key for the growth of our partners and our company.


We make sure that our clients get leading innovative solutions that are both cost-efficient and dependable in order for them to achieve long term successes, handle their business issues and stay competitive. It is why we are trying to feel each client, identify goals and provide best case for successful result.


Write down Technical Requirements, split project on stages, coding, testing, releasing... You think it is boring?! Each application for us is like write a book, it is a very different story, part of our life. And be proud of result of your life - it is the main satisfaction. Do what you love to do - it is the main goal of our team. And it is why we have real specialists in each part of development process.

Check Stats

By analyzing feedback and statistics, New Vision provide updates that can better meet our consumer's needs.


Have a good idea but have not enough resources to make it live? Not a problem! We are ready to invest our time to interesting projects.

Help & Support

Our experts provide complete technical support/backup for applications. This is where our cost-effective maintenance and support service comes-in. It allows you to provide your customers the same level of service without incurring high costs.

Our Projects

We have made a lot of solutions and it is not possible to show each screen. So here is just some from our examples:

Our Partners

  • OneTime LLC is dedicated to creating intuitive productivity mobile applications. Our focus is revolutionizing the way the modern person utilizes technology to plan their day. OneTime LLC develops for Apple and Android platforms. This year we introduced our company exclusive "slider" task bar for our Plan4Life day planner/scheduler. Along with launching a unique novelty digital calendar line-up focusing on heroic firefighters. With these, we are expanding our niche in the calendaring marketplace. OneTime LLC was founded by a former United Nations IT executive and is operating out of Miami Florida. OneTime LLC employs project consultants worldwide and is growing each year.

    OneTime LLC
  • The main goal of the iProAction Team is to develop web sites and effective tools for solving urgent problems through its website.

    iProAction Team →
  • Overia ltd. has been successfully operating in the Ukrainian market of high technology for the past eight years, specializing in the design and implementation of complex projects in the information area, networking and communications technology.

    Overia LTD →


55 Chigorina str., office 9,
Kiev, Ukraine, 01042

13a 8th Bereznia str., office 405,
Zhytomyr, Ukraine, 10003
+380 67 526 16 13

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